Company Mission Statement:

INSO believes there is an environmental solution to every environmental problem.


INSO currently operates as a supplement company with unique brands such as N8Essentials.  The Company operates with core competencies in formulation and lab testing, and by contract, manages a full-scale manufacturing certified organic 275-acre indoor and outdoor farm.

The Company plans to launch two new industrial product segments of the biochar and carbon industry; Bio-coal and Organimineral Carbon Fertilizer (OCF). When completed, the two divisions will generate significant revenue and profits for the Company. Revenue will come from various city municipalities that are utilizing coal-fired power plants.

Product and Service (Future Plans):

The OCF business unit will derive revenue from the removal of biosolids from wastewater plants and animal waste plants as well as the sale of carbon tax credits and the production of carbonized biochar fertilizer to be sold commercially.

The goal of the Bio-coal energy business unit is to partner with coal-fired power plants to replace a percentage of their existing products with the Company’s cleaner, renewable, and carbon-neutral Bio-coal product.

Both business divisions will provide solutions to one of the greatest environmental problems we face today, the removal and conversion of large-scale waste products to fixed carbon while reducing CO2 on the planet.


The Company’s current business begins with a cash-flowing Missouri-based CBD and Essential Oil brand that includes an online health and wellness product line called N8 Essentials.   The Company has an exclusive farming and manufacturing partner relationship that gives the brand a significant advantage with the cost of goods, speed to market, and inventory carrying cost.   The products can be viewed in their entirety at  The in-house growing, manufacturing, packaging, and marketing by the Company provide a truly vertically integrated business.