Sustainable Plant-Based Businesses

We have the unique advantage of having experts in the biofuel manufacturing industry involved in the Company. The years of experience and the proprietary knowledge and ability to research the best combination of raw materials to make the best product will position the Company in a very competitive position in the biofuel industry.

N8 Essentials

The Company’s current business begins with a cash-flowing Missouri-based CBD and Essential Oil online Brand health and wellness product line called N8 Essentials.   The company has an exclusive farming and manufacturing partner relationship that gives the brand a significant advantage with the cost of goods, speed to market, and inventory carrying cost.  INSO co-manages a plant-based CBD and CBG biomass, flower operation while dedicating significant resources to product development and the growing of specialty plants that possess potential amazing health aid results in the human body.

Wind Turbines

The company has proposed to the USDA an advanced fertilizer formula called Organomineral Carbon (biochar) Fertilizer that in this case will use human waste as its base input.  Organomineral Fertilizer is the future of fertilizers.  It serves as a nutrient source for the plants but it also amends the soil.   The company will be paid to take the biosolids from wastewater treatment plants, paid in carbon tax credits generated from the processing of the biosolids, and paid for its formulated fertilizer. In short, the company is paid to solve one of the top five greatest environmental problems in the world.